Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why Some People Do Not Get Hired

Ok, this is a work-related post, but since blogging at work is such a high-profile Human Resources issue, and I am, uh, a H.R. Director, I am making some small edits [which will be indicated by brackets]. What we have here is an e-mail sent by a candidate for employment. He is following up because he received a letter from us advising that we would not consider him for employment at this time. This is copied verbatim, all spelling and punctuation (or lack thereof) are preserved for effect.

Hello Mr. [Name of H.R. Manager, misspelled]

Unfortunately I wasn't consider a position at your company and that's why I'm not going to stop i was refereed by [name of former employee] He worked there a few years very good guy I must say and why i wasn't consider a position when i passed the [industry-specific test] with a 90% [80% according to our records] and I'm confident to say that I'm qualified for this job I'm strong motivated aggressive for this position and way over qualified and I know i deserve a reason & reconsideration on why i wasn't hired

PS Mr [Name of H.R. Manager, spelled correctly this time] please I'm desperate and very eager for this position and i know i can do this job please contact me [phone number] if i just so so happen not to hear in dude time i will contact you as soon impossible Thank You Sorry!!!!
I kid you not. This is an actual e-mail. Anyone care to guess whether we have reconsidered his plea to be reconsidered for employment? Let me know, in all dude time.

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