Thursday, July 06, 2006

Battle Royale: Rock v. Pop

War was silently declared last night when the kids' favorite show So You Think You Can Dance? went up against season 2 of Rock Star. This year, it's Rock Star: Supernova, a "new" band made up of Tommy "I Used to be the Drummer for Motley Crue" Lee, Jason "I was the bassist for Metallica after Cliff Burton died, but they eventually kicked me out" Newstead, and Gilby "I was a guitarist in Guns n' Roses but no one remembers me because Slash is so much better than me" Clarke.

Sure, it's not INXS, or Van Halen (like many people dreamed and hoped for) but it's a show that guarantees you'll hear real rock and roll, not American Idol-ized rock, for the next 9-10 weeks. Very seldom do you get to hear Nirvana performed on network TV.

The best performance in our opinion was Patrice Pike:

Tune's good rockin' fun!

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