Sunday, July 30, 2006

My New Friend

Sometimes spam is fun. Case in point:

"Hello my new friend.
My age is 27 years. My birthday is April, 11, 1979. I was born in the
city of Kazan. This city is located on territory
Russia federation. My name is Karina. I have higher education.
I am very hardworking person. I am very responsible the
person. I am the nice girl. I have no harmful habits. I do not
smoke, I do not drink, I do not use drugs. I am very romantic. I am very
cheerful, I was good spend the leisure. My hobby: I love sports, in
particular volleyball, tennis, swimming. I like to read! I love to
learn new things. I like to study culture of others are strange. I had
no the husband (I was not married earlier) I have no children, I like
children. The purpose of my acquaintance - I search the satellite for
the man, I want to find love, I want to create real family. I had no
opportunity to create family in Russia, I could not find the partner
in life in Russia.
My friend, if you have interested to me, that answer
to my e-mail:
I will be waiting your reply with big impatience.
Your new friend Karina from Russia."

1 comment:

Colin said...

It's nice to see you still got it Bill, even from thousands of miles away. What did you write back?