Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th all!

Quiet day here in Brooklyn...I was up early on a burn-off-all-the-birthday-calories bike ride. I took a two-hour, twenty-five mile trek that found me going through Bath Beach, out to Coney Island, past Keyspan Park, past Nathan's, where the TV crews were already setting up for the annual hot dog eating contest. I rode a bit on the boardwalk, past the aquarium where I could hear sea lions barking, and then over to Ocean Parkway, turning North all the way to Prospect Park. I did a quick loop of the park, marvelling at all the people setting up for barbeques so early in the morning. Headed back south through Sunset Park, into Bay Ridge and down to the 68th Street Pier, awash wish fishermen and what looked like people already positioning themselves for fireworks later tonight. I took the Belt greenway up under the Verrazano and then back through Bath Beach to arrive home.

Above is my favorite Keith Haring painting, "American Flag". I now have 364 days until I turn 40. I will leave you with images of one of my birthday gifts, from Shayna. I am thinking of doing some "Cool Stuff I Got For My Birthday" posts in the days to come.

The shirt came from my favorite store, Century 21, and is from the British maker Ringspun. I also got an awesome Jim Morrison/Doors Ringspun long sleeve shirt for father's day a couple weeks back.

Anyway, digressions aside, have a super 4th o' July. Be safe and happy!

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