Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Twin Peaks

The Mrs. will tell you that most of my enjoyment of the television show "Twin Peaks" came from my fascination with Sherilyn Fenn, but I had the soundtrack once too. I have since relocated it in the blogosphere here. If the crazy blog from Barcelona freaks you out, the music is also here on this Twin Peaks site, The Twin peaks Brewing Co. However, the first blog has some interesting and eclectic music on it.

So where were we? Sherilyn Fenn? Uh, yeah. No. I mean, I ran into her backstage at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards and was instantly smitten.

I digress, sadly, for this post is not about the character of Audrey Horne, nor the actress that played her, but about the music. For I sampled some of that Twin Peaks-y music from the above-mentioned sites and flashed back to my owning the CD, the haunting collaboration of Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and Julee Cruise.

This morning the music came through the BilliPod and I was transformed back, ugh, 16 years to those days right out of school and it was hard to go far in Los Angeles without seeing a Who Killed Laura Palmer? bumpersticker.

Ah, the early nineties....

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Jason said...

A lot of electronic artists sampled the music and vocals off of Twin Peaks.

I have to also agree with you. I think most of my enjoyment of the show is also my fascination of Sherilyn Fenn. I soooooooo want the British Twin Peaks subway poster with her on it.