Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fortieth Birthday Post #29: The Other Three

On September 21, 1985, I started as a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

That night, at a popular ice-breaker/mixer called "Playfair," I met three other classmates with the same birthday.

The four of us had that special bond that linked us through the years. We even took a picture together at our 10th reunion in 1999 (will track it down later).

Anyway, since none of them read BillyBlog, as far as I know, but may discover themselves here through an act of self-googlization, I'm wishing a happy 40th to Amy Jackson, Sean Berman, and Dan Slott.

Dan actually lives in New York and, although I haven't seen him in several years, I did speak to him a couple weeks back.

For those of you who know Dan, check out his wikipedia entry and marvel (ha ha, you'll get that if you read the link) at his remarkable success.

I've held on to my Pauley Hall dorm shirt that he designed in 1986 because I knew some day he'd be famous, although its value is neglible, I'm sure, even without pit stains (another pun that only people familiar with Pauley would understand).

Anyway, happy birthday to us!

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