Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gratuitious Little League Post

For the small percentage of readers who read BillyBlog because they know me, here's an update on the youngest Brooklyn Cohen, Shayna.

Shayna has been warming up to baseball in the "post-season," as part of a roundrobin compilation of local youths wrapping up the Little League year with some extra games. I mentioned Shayna was the only girl playing among the four teams, and one of the youngest, and today she recorded a milestone. Of sorts.

Yesterday she played a whole game, and did again today. She has had some fielding experience, playing in the benign location of right field. First a teaser here as she makes a nice relay throw that shows that at least she's not asleep in the field:

Then, she came up in her second at bat and did something I never did in my one year of little league ball: she hit a fair ball. She didn't knock the cover off the ball, but I'm still proud of her, especially when you consider her size, in relation to the pitcher and catcher:

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