Monday, July 09, 2007

All the News Thats Fit to Read This Morning on the Subway

The New York Times had a glut of interesting fodder to read on Sunday. Since I had an extremely busy weekend (more on that later), I am throwing you links to the pieces that my beloved set aside for me to peruse.

A great article about Bloglyn, the propensity for blogging in Brooklyn. Here.

A piece about Don Mayo, a Maui resident with season tickets to the New York Yankees here.

An essay by Haruki Murakami about the influence of jazz on his writing here.

A fun article for tourists on how to survive/navigate New York City subways. Here.

This is a must for Harry Potter fans. Five suggested ways to end the series. Including a gruesome one from the co-creator of Lost. Links here.

For those who do not wish to register with the Times website, or you are reading this at a future date when they want to charge you to read the archived articles, head over to BillyBlog2 for the cached versions:

Blogging in Brooklyn

Hawaii Yankees Fan

Murakami on Jazz

Surviving Subways

Sorry, too much work to cache the whole Potter piece (five separate essays)

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