Thursday, July 19, 2007

Volcanic Disruption

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Aside for some moments of uncertainty and pondered panic (Melanie called me in Brooklyn from lower Manhattan asking what happened), the big blowhole in Lexington Avenue had little effect on our lives (so far).

At this point, our closest contacts to the puka in the pavement are my boss, who lives a block or so away from what the Office of Emergency Management are calling "the frozen zone" and our neighbor downstairs, a young lady who works in a building near the site. Her clothing and whatever else she had with her are in plastic bags (sealed) downstairs, speckled with schmutz
until she has everything tested for asbestos.

An exciting night in the Big Apple, more for some than others. But everyone under my roof is safe and sound and operating business as usual. Thanks to those who called to check in to make sure we were all okay.

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