Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pauley 220

This was my room in Pauley Hall, Occidental College, circa October 1985.
Why I kept this picture, I'm not sure, but I did, and here it is for all to see. For those interested, the upper left corner is a small section of a poster of a Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith poster. Moving clockwise, the small flier (above the bat) is for a Motörhead concert, very likely the show I saw where they headlined with Wendy O' Williams and Megadeth. Then there's the big square Judas Priest poster at center, next to a Mötley Crüe poster, circa their Shout at the Devil days.

Moving back is a rather out-of-place Beatles poster, then an awesome Iron Maiden poster, from their "World Slavery Tour":

then a promo poster from the live double album from Black Sabbath, Live Evil (variation below).

Above the Sabbath poster is a greeting card from an art museum, which I can't identify. However, right above that is a small print of a Zurbaran still life, a larger print of which is in our living room. The painting hangs in the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena.

Just to the left of that is an Iron Maiden poster (I had many) featuring their album Powerslave.

Below this poster was a cartoon poster of the Eagle Rock area put out by local merchants.

On the far right of the photo is a 1.75 liter bottle of Kamchatka vodka. Actually, there was no vodka in the bottle. It was an empty I had found, then filled with water and used as a fishbowl for a small feeder goldfish named, appropriately "Kamchatka". My fish died when someone put a book over the top of the bottle. I still think Kamchatka was killed by my hall-mate and eventual roommate Bucky.

So, very trivial post, but I had fun with it. Stay tuned to see how messy my room was in high school.

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AG said...

Not sure why you kept it either, but so very glad you did. Though it could never hope to convey the glorious mayhem that was Pauley '85-'86. Now, if you have a photo of Ox stomping out a flaming styrofoam cup on the carpet in front of the Director of Housing or somesuch... Be well and happy 40th... (signed, the Debtor's Wife)