Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are Those Wind Chimes I Hear, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Before we begin, I'd kindly ask you all to take a jaunt down blog-memory lane.

First, revisit this post here.

Nice, aren't they?

(And I can sense the realization that this is going to be interesting from all of you out there who remember this story.)

Next, jump ahead to this post called "Chiming In".

And then, "Chime-Chime-er-ee".

And then, "Chime Update".

And then, finally, "Further Chime Update".

The last post seen here from "The Great Wind Chime Mystery" was February 5, 2007.

Although I did post a great Wind Chime-themed poem ten days later here.

I'm sure many of you had thought that, like the sound of wind chimes on a warm breeze, the story had dissipated into memory and that was that.

Think again, my friends.

Yesterday, Melanie called me saying that, it was the weirdest thing, she thought she had heard our wind chimes. She knew it couldn't possibly be our chimes, but she thought she heard them and was sure she had imagined it.

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your kidneys.

When I got home, Shayna and I went to the balcony, from which our beloved chimes had disappeared 14-16 months ago.

And then I listened. If you look at the YouTube clip, you can tell they have a very distinctive sound. And I heard them. And I knew.

There. Across the courtyard. Could it be?

At the bottom of the fire escape. On the building across the way. I see something. They are wind chimes.


To be continued....

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