Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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In the post-reading daze (see Monday, March 10), I have been a bit lax here, although I have not been idle. I'm always cross-promoting Tattoosday and, since it's Tuesday, why not send you over there for a looksie. I just finished a post about the full sleeve of a co-worker.

On a side note, the pajama bottoms above were a gift from my family for Valentine's Day. It seemed appropriate for this post.

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Anonymous said...

Awakened with a Kiss, a poem by David Jeffrey from Canada

A love unknown to me, but growing day by day.

Residing within my heart, where it chose to quietly lay.

Days and years went by and ever stronger it did grow.

Real love lay right before me and little did I know.

I played in false romances, growing more bitter with each pain.

But always, confiding in my dear friend, time and time again.

Till a warm summer night, and with reckless might, she took me in her arms.

And with a kiss, the love emerged and I was awakened to it's charms.