Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BillyBlog Random Tuesday Assortment

Just skimmed the recent New Yorker anniversary issue. Of note was a piece of personal history by David Owen about nicknames (a little bit more of the piece here) and a good story ("Free Radicals") by Alice Munro (who rarely writes "bad stories").

I was thrilled to see a doubling of my traffic on Tuesday when BillyBlog appeared as a link on the New York Times website in a daily section on notable items in the blogs. My photo of the Smart Car got some attention. Thanks to the good folks over in the City Room for noticing me.

A gaggle of tourists just boarded the N train to Brooklyn and were cacophonous when they realized they weren't Times Square-bound. Lovely day to forget my BilliPod at work.

Check out this artwork:

Want to see more, go here. The artist, Philip Dusel, was spotted by me in the Chelsea Salvation Army store last Tuesday. He had tattoos and, well, you know, the rest is history. Read about one of his tattoos, which he designed himself, here.

Finally, one of the perks of working near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden is all the free stuff they give away to commuters as promotional items. Tuesday was an exciting day, to say the least, as they gave away these:

Mmmm. Nothing like the taste of bacon and cheese on a cricket! I am saving mine for after I've had a few beers.

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