Thursday, January 25, 2007


Just a brief windchimes update. (To catch up, read the previous post here).

Thursday evening, a week after Neighbor Stephanie's "friend" said he would give her my message, I called again, this time from the home phone, and left a long message.

I reminded her that I had basically given her implied approval to remove the chimes if she was being disturbed by them and we weren't home.

I told her they were nowhere to be found on the ground or in our apartment.

I let her know that if she did not have them, then the only logical explanataion was that someone else must have climbed up on the balcony and stolen them, and that they could climb up on her balcony and steal her things too.

I asked her to call me even if she didn't have the chimes, so at least I would know she received my message.

I asked her, if she did have the chimes, to return them. Because we didn't want to go out and buy new wind chimes if she had our old ones.

I particularly like that statement because, if nothing happens, and I do buy new chimes, they will most likely not be as pleasant as the ones that "disappeared".

I tried to sound cheery through all of this, and not at all angry. "Oh well," I chimed, "This is life in the big city, for you," or something like that.

My greatest fear is that I will discover the chimes somewhere in the apartment and remember "Oh yeah, this is where I put them on that super windy day back in November."

To be continued.....

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