Sunday, January 14, 2007

Farewell, Southern California

I'm currently on the 405 South, with O.C. star Seth Cohen. My day has
consisted of riding the recumbent bike in the parental garage for forty
minutes, enough to justify that dog from Pinks. Walked an hour too with
Dear 'Ol Dad, in the lovely brisk Palos Verdes morning.

I saw a hummingbird and a murder of crows.

Did some last minute shopping and took some pictures of some P.V. peafowl squatting on someone's car.

Weird Al's on the stereo, as we head to Long Beach for one final stop
before the airport. Don't you hate people who bring yummy food on the plane with them? I'm one of them today, as we have found the closest In-n-Out Burger (Store 60 on Los Coyotes Diagonales):

and I'll have that on the plane. Seth says I should buy a bunch and
sell them on board and make a handy profit. However, I believe that there
are federal aviation regulations prohibiting the scalping of burgers mid-air.

See you back in Brooklyn.

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The Ancient One, Blessed Be He said...

Good to have you here, if only for a very short stay.