Friday, January 05, 2007

Following Up on Lucinda

Last week I posted about one of my favorite albums, Lucinda Williams' Car Weeels on a Gravel Road.

I recently stumbled across a French blog that has a couple of the songs from her new album West performed live in Europe.

The CD is due out on February 13, but you can get a sneak peak by going over to There's Always Someone Cooler Than You and checking out the tracks. They're a little muffled, but they are live performances from Amsterdam this past November. Check, in particular, "Unsuffer Me," which just sounds like it will be incredible on disc. She introduces it as being "inspired by God and Jim Morrison." Please check it out. Not to mention the blog has a pretty cool name.

Expect me to obsess a little more on the new Lucinda Williams record in the immediate future. You can also listen to an entire concert from '05, which includes "Unsuffer Me" in the encore, here on NPR.

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Tony said...

Thanks, Bill, for the reference to Lucinda Williams' full-length concert on NPR. Your persistent mining of various music resources online makes it easier for me to find good stuff like this without trying too hard. Her CD "Essence" has been on nearly constant play on my iPod for quite a while.

And now, as I'm a few songs into the concert, I'm noticing that they have tons of great concerts archived (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne, Decemberists, etc.) so I've got plenty to listen to at work for awhile.