Friday, January 26, 2007

The Return of the Friday Five

I ran into BillyBlog reader Colin a couple weeks back in Los Angeles and he remarked that I hadn't done a random 5-song shuffle on the BilliPod lately. The last one was way back here, I think.

So here we go....

1) Great, I'll get slack for this, I'm sure. "Back to Dungaree High" by Queens of the Stone Age from the Turbonegro tribute album Alpha Motherfuckers. I was debating whether or not to mention the album title, but I am showing the album cover, so who's kidding who? I am not in the habit of censoring myself, and I am merely referring to a song on an album. Using symobols (#@!) wouldn't fool anyone. I apologize to anyone who may have been offended.

Anyway, Turbonegro is a legendary punk/thrash band hailing from Norway, Oslo to be more precise and Queens of the Stone Age do a nice little number on this song.

Listen: Turbonegro - The Age of Pamparius (mp3), courtesy of the blog Afterbirth of the Cool, who does a nice post on Turbonegro's 1998 album Apocalypse Dudes here.

2) Great. I see where this Friday Five is going. The next song is Rob Zombie's "Meet the Creeper (Brute Man and Wonder Girl Mix)" from the CD of greatest hits/remixes American Made Music to Strip By. Colin is very likely on the floor right now, laughing hysterically, as we share a funny story about the song "More Human than Human," by Rob's band White Zombie. Of course, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

3) Ok, I just got a little more respectable. "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springsteen, from his 1982 solo album Nebraska.

Here's Bruce & Co. performing the song in 1985:

4) "Baby Please Don't Go," by Big Joe Williams from the Martin Scorcese documentary The Blues. This song has been recorded by Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins, Them, Paul Butterfield and Paul Revere & the Raiders, Amboy Dukes(Ted Nugent), AC/DC, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Aerosmith, but Big Joe wrote it and did it first.

And through the wonder of YouTube, see him performing this, from 1963, playing the 9-string guitar. According to wikipedia:

Big Joe's guitar playing is decidedly in the Delta Blues style, and yet is unique. He played driving rhythm and virtuosic lead lines simultaneously, and sang over it all. He played with picks both on his thumb and index finger, plus his guitar was very heavily modified.

Williams added a rudimentary electric pick-up, whose wires coiled all over the top of his guitar. He also added three extra strings, creating unison pairs for the first and second courses and an octave pair for the fourth course.

Totally worth the three minutes to watch.

and last, but not least,

5) "Breaking Honey's Heart" by The Supersuckers, off their 2006 album Paid. I basically became familiar with this band through their association with, go figure, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Ed performed with them at The Showbox in Seattle in 2001. He worked with them on a cover of the punk band X's song "Poor Girl" for a benefit album for the West Memphis 3.

Feel free to add your Fabulous Friday Five in the comments section. Just grab an mp3 player, shuffle, and tell us the first five tracks that appear.

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Colin said...

Thanks Bill, I knew that would happen.....