Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Random Underground Mobile Post (TRUMP)

This morning's soundtrack is courtesy of the Foo Fighters' "Skin and Bones"
acoustic CD.

Grrrr. Just gave up a seat on the R to go stand on the N express. The
platform was crowded enough to indicate that, if I even made it on the N, I
would have been smushed.

So I am back on the R, standing. Should have stayed in my arm seat.

Am about to start reading "The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit" by Lucette
Lagnado. Melanie finished it for book club at the BRJC. I never cracked it.
She enjoyed it immensely. She is on to the February book: "Foreskin's
Lament" by Shalom Auslander.

Switched at 36th Street. The stuffed N was pulling away. Now I am in a
slightly less crammed D train.

My copy of "The Big Book of Pulps" is on hold at the local library. Last
week I picked up "Scouts in Bondage; And Other Literary Improprieties".
It's a tiny tome featuring the covers of antiquarian books with titles
that, um, seem silly by 21st Century standards. Who knows? They may have
seemed silly 100 years ago too.

Like Frank Topham's tale "Invisible Dick".

News yesterday of a disturbing story about an NYPD cop enslaving a 14-year
old girl, prostituting her, then selling her to another man for $500. The
"New York Post" lives off such awful news and announces in huge headlines
"COP SEX RING". A proud New York reporting tradition, indeed.

Excited for tonight's season premiere of "Lost" on ABC. Last night we
watched the re-airing of last season's finale, complete with pop-up text at
the bottom of the screen, annotating the action. It was an interesting way
of re-viewing the episode.

Two nights ago, I missed a photo op of some graffiti at the Ft. Hamilton
subway station. Among the scrawls was the insult "You are retarted (sic)".
Personally, if you can't properly spell "retarded," you shouldn't be
allowed to call someone that, let alone deface public property with
evidence of one's ignorance.

Well, now typing from below Manhattan. A little more room on the train.

My friends who are Mets fans are ecstatic about the reality that Johann
Santana will be joining their pitching staff. As a Tigers fan, I am happy
to see him head out of Detroit's division, and even out of the American
League. Of course, with Detroit's off-season additions, they could face
Santana in the 2008 Fall Classic. Wishful thinking, but know for sure I
will point back to this post should it come to pass nine months from now.

I am revising my Super Bowl prediction from last week: Patriots 34, Giants

Pulling into 34th Street. That's all for ths mobile post.

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