Sunday, January 20, 2008

Live Blogging the NFC Championship: Fourth Quarter and It's Anyone's Game

Sigh. Another great kick return for NY. Their special teams are outplaying
the Packers'.

Matt Seubert goes out injured.

That might be a factor. The Packers' d-line has been very quiet tonight.

An amazing catch by Burress, who is playing as if touched by a higher
power. (So's Eli, for that matter). Then the Packers' Nick Collins goes
down. Another injury break.

Big 3rd down play.....

Eli burns another time out.

Again, 3rd and 5, my heart in my throat.....

Toomer drops a pass and the ball goes back 10 yds.

Bradshaw picks up 10 on a screen. They're going for it on 4th and 5.

Another P.I. on the Packers.

Eli misses Burress in the end zone. Bradshaw picks up 3. 3rd and 7.

Packers burn a time out. 6:57 to go.

Eli misses.

Tynes comes out for a 43-yard attempt at a field goal.

He misses!

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