Sunday, January 20, 2008

Live Blogging the NFC Championship: Before the Game

So I am a long-time Packers fan living in Brooklyn, working in Manhattan,
existing in New York Giants territory.

When the Giants upset the Cowboys last week, ensuring an NFC championship
matchup between the New York team and my beloved Packers, I knew it would
be interesting.

So the last few days I have been wearing my green and gold proudly, much to
the amusement and annoyance, apparently, of my fellow city-dwellers.

I have had many good tidings, including a surprising vote of support from a
Vikings fan at a local bank.

I have received a lot of attention, as well, and that's without even
wearing my cheesehead.

I did notice, early in the season, people seemed to acknowledge the
Packers' colors with a sense of admiration and respect.

Even the chiding from fans over the past few days has been gentle and
good-natured. I have seen how Boston Red Sox fans are verbally abused, so I
know the potential of hostility sports fans possess.

The best example of silly taunting was that of a woman, seeing me from a
good thirty yards away, bellowed (and I do mean bellowed) "Green Bay goin'
She was on a side street when the taunt began and it followed me down the
avenue, even as a crazy Jets fan voiced his support for the Pack, chiding
the talents of Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms, "that albino [expletive

So the kids are simultaneously embarassed and amused by the extra attention
their father is receiving. People honking and rolling down their windows to
instruct me to "take that jacket off!"

It is game day, today, and one guy at the laundromat looked at me with
mouth agape when I walked in with jacket and cap. Another one
slef-assuredly said sarcastically that "it's a shame they have to lose
today". Later, when he was leaving, I good-naturedly said, "Should be a
hell of a game." He agreed and predicted, "21-17". I'm assuming he was
predicting a Giants' upset.

And, our local Brooklyn caricature gave me a friendly earful when he saw
me, reminding me that Vince Lombardi was from Brooklyn. This is the same
guy, from the neighborhood, that I remember meeting almost 11 years ago
when I moved here. He was (and remains) straight out of a Scorcese film, he
could be Joe Pesci's cousin, for all I know. He is a true character.

So if the Packers win, hurrah! They will advance to the Super Bowl, in a
rematch (presuming the Patriots dispatch the Chargers later today) of the
1997 classic when I hurdled my infant daughter in her car seat as the
Packers' Desmond Howard returned a kick for a game-clinching touchdown.

If they lose, then the Giants certainly have earned the right to face the
New England juggernaut in the Big Game. I will cheer for the NFC champion,
regardless. And if I am saddened by a Packers loss, I will be
simultaneously gladdened by living in a city whose squad is in the Super

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Leon said...

As you know, I never quite understood your love of the hated Packers. But I must admit that I have been rooting for them this season, especially after my beloved Lions took their annual nosedive. (They just waited until mid-season to get back to their usual ineptitude.)

I can only explain it as my admiration of Brett Favre and watching how much fun he is having this season. These are not the nasty Packers of the Lombardi era. This is an outstanding team out there looking like they are having fun! :-)

So good luck today. It's good to be cheering for the same team with you.

- Dad