Tuesday, January 15, 2008


La, la, la. Indoor soccer again. Last week Shayna didn't do much. This past Sunday, she was simply ferocious, especially after her team went up 4-0 in the first quarter over an inexperienced Red team. Her buddy Max scored twice, and two other boys as well, and that just wouldn't do. She had to represent the women, as their sole representative on the Gold Team.

After drilling the goalie in the third quarter with a ball that ricocheted off his shin guards, into a teammate, and then back into the net (she was the last Goldie to touch it, so this dad counts it), she got her first pure goal of the game, below. Remember, it's a longer clip, so hang on to the end to see the goal....

The Gold team held on to win, 6-1.

This has been another Gratuitous Indoor Soccer Dad Post, brought to you by BillyBlog.

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