Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's Go Bows!

Here in Brooklyn, a family of four sported matching black University of Hawai'i Warrior t-shirts as the Sugar Bowl started on New Year's Day.

This morning, I am glad I won't be the one to break the news to my youngest, Shayna, that the team from the Hawaiian Islands was summarily slaughtered in front of a national audience, 41-10.

My heart goes out to Colt Brennan, UH quarterback, who may have gone in the 2nd or 3rd round of the NFL draft. His standing was likely deflated in the worst performance of his career.

To rub salt in his wounds, the Warriors only touchdown came late in the game, after Brennan was knocked out by the ruthless Bulldog pass rush. Tyler Graunke, in relief, executed much better. No doubt aided by a Georgia defense resting on a comfortable 4 touchdown lead. Nonetheless, it gave UH fans some comfort that they have something to look forward to next year.

The Warriors touchdown that put them into double-digits was celebrated with much gusto by the Hawai'i fans in the Superdome, as Brennan grimaced from the sidelines.

Which bears the question: how much crap will I get from co-workers who knew I was watching the game with great apprehension? One guy shook his head sadly when I espoused the fact that Hawai'i had a fighting chance. "They're out of their league. It won't even be a game."

Well, damn, he was right.

Still, kudos to Georgia who played well. And so what, if they lost by 31? Illinois lost to USC in the Rose Bowl by 32. And that was a match-up of more even proportions (or it was supposed to be, at least). Plus, there was a t least one other Bowl game with an even more lopsided victory for the winning team. [Sun Bowl: Oregon 56, South Florida 21, Cotton Bowl: Missouri 38, Arkansas 7]

The fact is, Hawai'i won. Not the team, but the State, and the University. The Warriors show-cased their pride and their 'ohana on national TV. And they fought hard throughout, failing on another TD attempt with 2 minutes to go, playing with heart and pride.

Besides, they get to go home to Honolulu, and the Bulldogs have to go back to Georgia. On which plane would you rather be?

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