Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tattoosday, Still Chugging Along

It's a Tuesday, still, so I thought I'd throw out another mention of BillyBlog's spin-off, Tattoosday, which has been running neck and neck with this one, in terms of visits.

I posted earlier today in my "Tattoos I Know" series what I believe is one of my most important tattoo commentaries. That said, I thought I'd mention it here and send some more traffic that way. It's a double-barrel post, a beautiful tattoo of promise paired with a heart-wrenching memorial tattoo that moved me deeply as I wrote it. Read it here.

1 comment:

Eric Valentine said...

I never had a tattoo done, although I saw many have it done. It was, most times interesting but not exactly my thing.

As a younger person I had this thing about identifying marks.. Just my quirk.. :)