Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just saw Cloverfield. Very good, but the shaky camera method made me nauseous. It has been called "Blair Witch meets Godzilla". Still, very good. Disclaimer: I've seen maybe five movies not meant for kids in the last ten years. So, I'm generally pretty impressed with any movie where I don't have to wonder if a kid is going to ask me to take them to the bathroom at a crucial point in the film.

Nonetheless, a shaky thumbs up from me. I was riveted by the destruction of my city, and entertained, despite the queasiness from the (intentionally) wobbly camera work.

Later on....the more I think about it, the better I liked this film. The special effects were astonishingly good. It didn't seem as if I was watching computer-aided movement. Only wish I had taken a Dramamine before the film. I'm not usually one for motion sickness. Perhaps I am just nervous about the Packers-Giants game tomorrow!

Peter Travers, in his review in Rolling Stone, nailed my physical reaction: "About the dizzying visuals: If the movie had lasted another half-hour, you'd barf. But eighty minutes of woozy is just right."

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