Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Yorker updates

I have recently read through a few New Yorker stories...not very high on the George Saunders story, "Puppy," from the May 28 issue. Strange since I generally love his work. He's even a friend on MySpace. Nor did I dig "Wasps" by A.L. Kennedy in the July 30 issue. However, I did like this one, "Shauntrelle" by Antonya Nelson from the July 23 issue. Do check it out.

Currently reading the August 6 issue, which includes a feature called "Rip Van Golfer" on the U.S. Open by long-time columnist John McPhee. McPhee could write about toenails and make them interesting, so I always read his pieces when I see them. Safe to say one of my favorite non-fiction specialists. Alas, the story is not available on the magazine website, but the abstract is.

However, if you need to get a McPhee fix, check out this piece from February 2003, called "A Fleet of One," an in-depth look at truck drivers transporting dangerous materials on the highways. He really draws you into the subject matter and keeps you there.

Just discovered that Dana Goodyear has a "Postcard from Los Angeles" blog on the New Yorker website.

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