Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random Tuesday Junk

Go here and have fun pretending to be Jackson Pollock.

Here is an eBay auction run by a talented woman who wrote a hilarious product description for a box of Pokemon cards and has ridden her blog to waves of fame and envy-inducing traffic that leaves the rest of us in the blogosphere in awe.

Speaking of eBay, I'm selling some signed books here, trying to get rid of some yummy items to raise money for the Weird Al Yankovic Hollywood Star fund. Signed books from Charles Simic, Kurt Vonnegut, Jimmy Carter, Orrin Hatch, John Irving, and Charles Bukowski. Actually, just using BillyBlog to possibly promote more notice for the books.

Oh, and my sister sent me these:

with the following explanation:

I've been meaning to get this for you sooner, but, well, I'm lazy. This sign is tacked to a tree on my block where leftovers are often found at the base of the tree. There is also a chicken that lives on the opposite corner - perhaps the food is left for it, but its hard to tell. If you look closely, there is rice at the base of the tree today - evidently (I didn't see, but have it on good authority) the first day the sign was there a pot was sitting next to it, the following day, a second, and the next day, a third. I wish I had gotten to see that ;)
Thanks BillyBlogSister!

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