Friday, August 24, 2007

The Loneliest Lamp Post in Bay Ridge, Continued

So yesterday morning, I posted a photo I took of a sign on a lamp post in Bay Ridge. The sign simply said "I Miss You". Later that day, as I walked the kids to camp, I was surprised to see the message had changed.

"O un desiderio di baciarti sul tuo sorriso" is what the sign reads. Not being fluent in Italian, I turn to Babelfish for a translation. Babelfish says it means "Or a desire to kiss to you on your smile," which I will interpret as "I desire to kiss your smiling face," or something like that. If anyone wants to offer up a better translation, I will welcome it.

What a lamp post! How romantic! Or, is this Illuminator of Streets a Creepy Stalker?! Either way, I am impressed by its bilingual nature.

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