Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Don't Know How This Glass Was Broken

There are mysteries in life that some of us will never solve. I found this on the subway platform at East 68th Street on the 6 line last week on a sweltering Thursday evening.

At first, it looks like any other discarded vestige of a quick trip to the CVS Drug Store.

What'd we buy? Well, Edy's Dibs,

Häagen-Dazs vanilla,

and a National Enquirer.

Who would have thought that the Enquirer cost so much?

But the real fun comes by looking at the reverse side:

To be honest, after hours of analysis, the top message is cryptic and really not that interesting:

si suits

Thank You Barbara



The real gem here is the note on the bottom of the back of the receipt:

Talk about two random bits of information jammed together:

Dear Pooneh---

This glass came out from
dishwasher like that,
I don't know if it was
broken before.
My daughter thanks
you very, very much
for the suits
all are perfect

How did the glass break? Is it a bad dishwasher? Or maybe Pooneh broke the glass and didn't realize it was broken. Or maybe Barbara's daughter broke it because she didn't really like the suits Pooneh bought her and she was sublimating her rage by destroying Pooneh's property.

I guess we'll never know. Unless Barbara or Pooneh google "Pooneh" and find this post. But we shouldn't collectively hold our breaths on that one.

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