Saturday, August 04, 2007

New York Minute: East River, Storm Approaching

The following video was shot as a storm approached us on the East River on the evening of Friday, August 3. We were on a deck overlooking the river at 15 Waterside Plaza, celebrating our friend Jonathan's 40th birthday at the H20 Bar & Grill. The restaurant is located on the map below in the area between 10 and 20 Waterside Plaza marked "stores". The deck we were on was up near the river between 20 and 30 WSP, affording us an amazing view up the East River and across into Queens.

Anyway, the storm was slow to reach us, offering quite the birthday party light show. Wait until the 46-second mark.

Here's another, longer video, the best strike is within the first ten seconds. I would have imagined that in the next 110 seconds, I'd get something equally impressive, but I didn't.

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