Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Links

I must have looked at this photo of Greenburg, Kansas about a half-dozen times yesterday. Simply heart-rending.

Also yesterday, news about the series Lost, which is scheduled to end in 2010. More here. Unspoken as of yet on the mainland is the effect this will have on the Hawaiian economy. OK, so not a big effect, but Hawai'i still regards TV production of a network show as frontpage news. Network money is big money, and everything feeds tourism.

I heard what was likely the studio release of the title track from Guns 'N Roses Chinese Democracy record which, I hope, will be released before my children can vote. You may recall I blogged about it here over a year ago. It wasn't terribly exciting, as I have heard bootleg live performances of the song, but it's still pretty catchy. Check it here, via Idolator. Update: they also leaked another track, here.

Shifting gears, when Eddie Vedder and Boom Gaspar played with Jack Johnson last month at the Kokua Festival, there was a deluge of bloggbuzz about it. Yet last weekend, Eddie played with Flea at a benefit in L.A. called the Hullabaloo Show, which benefits the Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

There were rumors that Ed initially cancelled due to illness, but these were later disspelled. Unless I am misinformed, Ed performed four songs, solo, acoustic: "Walking the Cow," which is a Daniel Johnston cover, "Drifting," "I Am Mine" and his new song "No More War". He then played six songs with Flea on bass, and former Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons:

"Throw Your Hatred Down," "Watch Outside," "Corduroy," "Habit," "Better Man," and "The Kids Are All Right".

Steve Jones, best known as the Sex Pistols' guitarist, joined them for "The Kids Are All Right."

Oh No! Lest we forget: Reality imitates Reality:

The Mrs. has kept me up to date on the raging (and I do mean RAGING) controversy over on a Park Slope parents' yahoo! group involving a nursing mother daring to give nourishment to her toddler in the park the old-fashioned way. Meanwhile, the celebs are now at it as reported here, giving the La Leche League and the anti-nursing-in-public cabal another platform on which to wage their unholy war. Many astute bloggers have noted that you see more breast on the red carpet at any celebrity-attended event than you do when a nursing mother feeds her child.

Just trying to keep this post as random as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a link to 16 videos from that night.


We have an recap piece with an interview with Flea that we should have up pretty soon. But for now enjoy these songs:

Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Dani California http://musicplustv.com/28162/
Scar Tissue http://musicplustv.com/28148
Hey http://musicplustv.com/28169
Charlie http://musicplustv.com/28173
By The Way http://musicplustv.com/28161

Eddie Vedder, Flea, Jack Irons:

Betterman http://musicplustv.com/28150
Corduroy http://musicplustv.com/28151

Eddie Vedder, Flea, Steve Jones, Jack Irons:
The Kids Are Alright http://musicplustv.com/28157

Eddie Vedder:

No More War http://musicplustv.com/28155/
Driftin http://musicplustv.com/28152
I Am Mine http://musicplustv.com/28154

There's also Mickey Avalon videos if you are interested.