Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Species Discovered in Antarctic Sea

Eldest Blogdaughter Jolee and I had fun looking at some of these pictures of several new species discovered recently in the deep oceans off Antarctica. Jolee's teacher told them about it yesterday, and she and I enthusiastically brought up articles and photos of the bizarre-looking life forms.

As a Cancer, I am predisposed to like the yeti crab:

And this octopus is pretty cool:

This fish has no red blood cells, which it can survive without, in the frigid waters:

How about a spider crab!

And this just looks cool:

Of course, the coolest sea creature I saw today, was discovered in the Fall in Adelaide, Australia:

Read more about the new species and their importance on the National Geographic website here. With a full slide show here.

There. That should meet BillyBlog's science requirement in order to graduate and proceed on to the next level of bloggishness.

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Victor Bravo Monchego, Jr said...

cool. shared the pics with my daughters. we just had a low, low tide, exposing some wonderful and amazing creatures. thanks.