Thursday, May 03, 2007

Here We Go Again: Fishbone Tonight on the Hudson

Fishbone Soldiers! Step right up! Disinterested parties!! Walk on by!

Yes, BillyBlog faithful, I am yet again subjecting those of you who are tired of hearing about Fishbone to yet another slew of posts, pictures, and live-blogging.

Just a little over seven months ago, I saw Fishbone rock CBGB in its death throes. We partied with Saddam at the Knitting Factory just days before the hangman's noose transformed the song into a quasi-obsolete anthem of irony. And here, we go, Thursday night on the third of May, I'm getting on a boat with these guys, and sailing down the Hudson, and round the Statue of Liberty. According to the Rocks Off site, tickets are still available. Could it be? Indeed.

Stay tuned for what is likely to be my last Fishbone experience for a while. I look to make it matter!

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