Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That'll Show 'em! (Found in the Foodtown Parking Lot)

Wow. Someone actually took the time to stop and write a note chastising someone for their selfishness! Silly idealist!

And is selfishness really the root here? Or is it inconsideration? Or am I splitting hairs?

I mean, selfishness implies that, when the unknown driver (it's not me, dear reader, I am eco-friendly car-less) pulled into Foodtown, they thought, "Ooh, TWO parking spaces next to each other, I will take both, because I deserve both! Others be damned!"

It is more likely they inconsiderately took both spots unwittingly, or just plain couldn't park to save their lives.

And really, are scratches, or the threat of scratches, going to seriously alter this person's mindset? Hey, if you're leaving an anonymous note, why not put some teeth into it? If it were me composing a note, I would be more threatening, but I'd perhaps add a little class to it, maybe compose a haiku:

Lexus took an extra space!
Car fire burns - bright Sun!

Now if that were on your windshield when you left the supermarket, do you think you might exercise a little more care next time you shop? Either that, or go to a different store.

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