Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Feature: From the Archives

I discovered some recent dispatches saved in old e-mails about various poetry events I have attended over the years. It's only a handful (three, so far), but at least one person has expressed an interest in my first person accounts of readings, what he called (I'm paraphrasing) "a voyeuristic look" at a fan of poetry and a collector.

What I have chosen to do, however, is not post the events as they are updated, but to place them in a chronological perspective within the greater context of BillyBlog. The problem is, these narratives predate the existence of BillyBlog. However, I can backdate the post to fit the chronological sequence.

So have I done.

This allows many people, I imagine, who would find the narrative tedious (self-deprecation inserted here), to skip it altogether. To see my recap of the day I spent at the 2004 Dodge Poetry Festival, click here. I do hope some folks enjoy this little exercise.

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