Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nooka York City

Melanie and I arrived at the Mets game last night at different times, coming from different places. I picked up the kids and brought them to Shea, she dropped off some work materials in lower Manhattan, then proceeded to the game.

At 6:52 PM, she sent me this cryptic text: "Remember nooka 4 me. I will xplain later."

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

Later, between Cub drubbings of the Mets, I got the story. She was on the train to the game, still in Manhattan, when a local resident asked a tourist if he could take a picture of his watch. How's that for role reversal? The tourist assented and the New Yorker snapped away, asking questions about the timepiece. All Melanie could tell me was that the watch was really funky-looking, and had the name Nooka on it. The Nooka website requires a flash player, so we couldn't check it out from the game (remember it was a 10-1 rout, there wasn't a lot going on), but it's worth a peek.

Here's a product description from Amazon:

Nooka is the ancient Amararunkthuh word meaning "future is now". Nooka is the brainchild of artist and designer; Matthew Waldman. In 1997 Matthew had a flash-back to a first grade math class while staring at a large wall clock in a London hotel and was struck by how few options there were for time display. He then sketched his ideas for potential designs on a napkin and brought them back to New York. After working on the designs; he submitted them to his legal team; and indeed; they were unique enough to patent! The linear and graphic representation of time with Nooka watches presents a more intuitive way to view time. The visual mass increases as time passes; giving weight to an ephemeral and abstract concept. Once you’re used to the new visual paradigm; you may never go back to standard analog and digital time displays for your wrist. Included in the Museum of Modern Art

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