Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Poetry in Motion, Day 25 (Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

Pictured above are my poster and then an image from the Poetry Society of America site that hosted this and several other postcards, available for viewing. Click here to see and send a postcard!

This poster almost got signed, at a New School poetry event in November 2001, by the translator Agha Shahid Ali. However, Mr. Ali cancelled his appearance and understandably so, considering he succumbed to brain cancer before the end of the year. I have a very nice item signed by Ali, but that's for another post, another day. Meanwhile, enjoy the poem:

Let Me Think
You ask me about that country
whose details now escape me,
I don't remember its geography,
nothing of its history.
And should I visit it in memory,
It would be as I would a past lover,
After years, for a night,
no longer restless with passion, with no fear of regret.
I have reached that age
when one visits the heart merely as a courtesy...

-- Faiz Ahmed Faiz
(Translated from the Urdu by Agha Shahid

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