Thursday, April 05, 2007

Poetry in Motion, Day 5 (Robert Creeley)

This is one of my most special Poetry in Motion posters. It was actually from Poetry in Motion in Philadelphia. Many years ago, I called the Poetry Society of America and asked if I could buy some extra posters. A poet named Matthew Rohrer told me to come down to their offices and he would see what he could get me. I showed up and he handed me a bundle of posters, over a dozen, and wouldn't take any money. The posters from other cities are very cool, with slkightly different designs from the NYC posters.

At a big Poetry in Motion anniversary gala, assuming it was the tenth anniversary a few years back, Robert Creeley and others read in a hall at Grand Central Terminal. It was a great reading and afterwards, Creeley inscribed my poster. It's a great poem and a beautiful work of art.

For Friendship

For friendship
make a chain that holds,
to be bound to
others, two by two,

a walk, a garland,
handed by hands
that cannot move
unless they hold.

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