Monday, April 23, 2007

We Are All Hokies....

Just a small world story I guess, I'm still a little speechless. I was looking through my bookmarks and saw the link to a blog that I had on my sidebar for quite some time, a blog of a young lady that chanced upon BillyBlog last year and frequently stopped by. She added me to the sidebar on her blog The Story of My Life, and we frequently checked in on each other. I was intrigued by her take on American Idol, among other things.

I dropped her off the sidebar, I think, when blogger changed versions and her posts dropped to a trickle over the summer. She has a couple of other blogs which most likely took her attention away from the original.

Nonetheless, I hit her bookmark and saw she hadn't posted since March, then remembering she was from Virginia, I saw the words, "sophomore at Virginia Tech".

My heart sank as I hearkened back to the New York Times profiles of the dead, and couldn't recall a Taylor. But there were wounded. What if? I shook my head. VT has something like 40,000 students. She's a needle in the haystack, but 32 similar needles were lost last week. It's conceivable she didn't know anyone involved, with numbers like that, but it is irrelevant, I guess. Nikki Giovanni said it, "We are all Hokies..." Surely, Taylor feels the collective pain of her community. And via this blogging community, two small fish chanced upon one another and swam on, but I still feel a step closer to the tragedy.

I have sent her a couple of e-mails to see how she's doing. No word yet, but then, that's expected.

UPDATE: Taylor e-mailed letting me know she is okay, as much as can be expected. Good to hear. Wishing her well through the blogosphere....

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