Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New York Minute: Ringling Brothers at Madison Square Garden

Ok, so if you're a fan of BillyBlog, but you are not so keen on poetry, April is indeed the cruellest month. And there are 21 days of Poetry in Motion posts left. And I took pictures of the remaining posters under the bed today, and I have more than 21 left. So we may have some two-for-Tuesdays coming up.

However, this is not one of those posts. It's the return of the New York Minute.

Last Friday at 7:11 AM, I got a call from another B. Cohen, this one Brett, a fellow congregant at the Bay Ridge Jewish Center. He has four cancellations for the circus at the last minute and wanted to know if we could make the 11:00 AM show.


So we hele'd on down to Madison Square Garden. Got there by 10 AM. Went out on the floor before the circus started, and enjoyed the show. Here's a New York Minute: the end of the opening salvo and the transition to a transitional performance. Definitely, in my opinion, an interesting minute in the city:

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