Friday, April 20, 2007

Poetry in Motion, Day 20 (Charles Simic)

It was a true surprise last Summer when I chanced upon this poster at the Transit Museum store in Grand Central Station.

I don't remember ever seeing this on the subways in New York, so it must have been up pre-June 1997. I am certain of this, as I am, and have been since the mid-'80s, a huge Charles Simic fan. I would estimate that Mr. Simic has signed at least 50 different items for me, which includes anthologies. This poster has yet to be so graced. But once it does, you can bet it will be framed and hung somewhere in my world.

from Watch Repair

A small wheel
Shivering like
A pinned butterfly.

Pointing in all directions:
The crossroads
One enters
In a nightmare.

Higher than anyone
Number 12 presides
Like a beekeeper
Over the swarming honeycomb
Of the open watch.

Charles Simic (b. 1938)

"Watch Repair" (excerpt) from Return to a Place Lit By a Glass of Milk by Charles Simic.

You can read the full poem here. It's only a few stanzas longer than what fit on the poster.

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