Monday, April 09, 2007

Poetry in Motion, Day 9 (Mary Oliver)

This is a great poem. Alas, the poster is unsigned. I did bring it to a reading once, with the anticipation of Mary Oliver signing it, but she was a no-show, back home in Massachusetts with an illness, or a loved one's illness, I can't remember which.

Anyway, perhaps one day. In the mean time, enjoy:

The Loon on Oak-Head Pond

cries for three days, in the gray mist.
cries for the north it hopes it can find.

plunges, and comes up with a slapping pickerel.
blinks its red eye.

cries again.

you come every afternoon, and wait to hear it.
you sit a long time, quiet, under the thick pines,
in the silence that follows.

as though it were your own twilight.
as though it were your own vanishing song.

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