Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Links

I'm off from work for the next six days, so let's see how BillyBlog fares in the down time:

A favorite poem of mine is Charles Simic, there's a new interview with him here.

Comedian Eric O'Shea's take on some suggested good music for commercials:

Three funny signs from Canada:

See if you can guess a band by its hair. Take the Entertainment Weekly "Name That Hair Metal Band Photo Quiz" here. I didn't do so hot, 8 out of 11, but that's not necessarily embarrassing, depending on your perspective.

What may be one of the most diverse and interesting poetry blog's, Silliman's Blog (also one of the first blogs to link BillyBlog) had this boast about last month:

For what it’s worth, this blog received 36,845 visits in March as readers accessed 63,788 page views, both records for the site. That translates into one visit every 72 seconds, one page view every 42. This is the third straight year that March has set record figures for this site. The current numbers are more than double those of two years ago.
Humbling numbers when, in contrast, BillyBlog had 2200 visits in March as readers accessed approx. 3600 page views. Great numbers for BillyBlog, but little league compared to the big boys. In all fairness, those are decent numbers for me, considering how I don't really put much effort into BillyBlog, at least compared to someone like Ron Silliman. My numbers are great, and I am growing in readership, or at least viewership. It helps when I blog about "hot" topics, like the Naked Brothers Band and Pearl Jam.

Speaking of Pearl Jam, the website is back up and running. You can stream countless concerts and see video as well, including the Letterman aftershow from May 4, 2006. Still gives me chills.

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