Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Olio

What's up? BillyBlogMother-in-Law dropped me this video yesterday. Take five minutes, be propaganda'ed, and appreciate the puns.

Read two more Haruki Murakami stories this morning from Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. Enjoyed both. The stories were "A Perfect Day for Kangaroos" linked here. This is a quickie and well worth the short moment to read. The Times online in England sums it up perfectly: "As understated and elegant as haiku — the deceptively simple account of a couple’s visit to the zoo."

The other story, "Dabchick," had potential for greatness but kind of fizzles out in a very Murakami-esque way. Still worth a read, but I can't find a link. In searching for it, however, I did see that this story put quite a few reviewers off, so maybe it's better I couldn't find a link.

And I'll leave you with a mention of the latest Contrast Podcast, which I'm listening to now. You can stream it live here.

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Tim Young said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for mentioning the Contrast Podcast. Maybe we'll hear you on it one day! All the best, Tim