Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rock Star: SuperDisappointment

One thing was certain after the finale of Rock Star: Supernova last night on CBS, and it wasn't the name of the band, it was that we would not be seeing them live when they play in New York at the end of January.

Funny, also, that in the finale show, the name "Supernova" was not uttered once. Seems odd, but not considering the fact that, prior to the show's taping, a federal judge placed an injunction against CBS and the executive producers, prohibiting them from using the band name "Supernova," as it had already been claimed by an Orange County band in the 90's. Of course, this show was probably the best thing that ever happened to them, although for all the wrong reasons.

Read the Billboard magazine summary here.

Oh, wait, who won? Undeniably talented, but rather pouty nnd unlikeable, the band sent two other contestants packing before announcing that Lukas Rossi was their new frontman. Here's Lukas:

Lukas was my favorite performer this year because I knew, whenever he sang, I could get other things done because I needn't bother watching him. Sitting through 2 hours of a concert with him at the microphone sounds a little more appealing than a prostate exam. But only because there are no drum solos during a prostate exam.

Who should have won? ABL. Anyone but Lukas. Well, maybe not the Icelander Magni,

but he is more interesting and likeable.

Toby Rand, the Aussie, was better,

and his original song was more enjoyable. He has a greater stage presence and really worked the crowd in a rock star sort of way. But alas, he was eliminated after Magni.

So that left the final decision between Lukas (aka Gargamel -- the villain on The Smurfs, as he was known on My Old Kentucky Blog) and Dilana, who was my personal favorite. I honestly thought that Toby would beat Dilana in the end, despite her being a better singer.

I mean, in this shot of Toby and Dilana, doesn't she look the part?

Dilana had a greater Rock Star quality and I downloaded more of her performances than anyone else's. She also seemed to fit the band's image better than any of the others.

Last year I discussed Rock Star: INXS here. I think they got it right then. This year, not so much.

If you are interested in hearing any of this music, head on over to the blog Jeepney Diaries. If you roll back through the beginning of July, you can get mp3 updates on all the shows.

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