Sunday, September 17, 2006

Full-Contact Sport

Home Movie time. The littlest BillyBloggette, playing in her fourth soccer game, showed her mettle. The team has only scored one goal in four games, and Shayna has not yet scored, but she is ruthless on the field. What follows is a YouTube clip of Shayna's crowning moment as she runs over the biggest kid on a team that won handily 3-0. Impact occurs at the 25-second mark. Keep watching the kid she runs over after the hit. That's my girl!


Benjie516 said...

Her coach should be fired. He doesn't seem to have impemented any sort of gameplan.

Tony said...

Shayna meet big dude. Big dude meet ground. Nice. I especially enjoyed the end of the clip when the kid she took out bends over in agony.