Friday, September 22, 2006

Proud Alumnus

Please Note: I attended the Best American Poetry 2006 reading last night at the New School and will give a full report when I can give it the proper attention it deserves. In the mean time, here's this nugget...

Ok, so I'm looking over at Radar Online, a site I don't know anything about, other than I got there via a VH1 Best Week Ever link, and I'm enjoying the feature "Stupid Studies." This is subtitled "Research Spidey! Specialize in fake news! Perform sex acts for credit! Radar nominates the 10 most moronic college courses in America."

So, I'm thinking of dropping this link on BillyBlog because it is quite amusing, and I'm already cleverly crafting my personal experience of the wackiest course I took at Occidental College being "Math as a Liberal Art," when wham!

#9 hits me:

9. The Phallus, Critical Theory, and Social Justice
Occidental College

Hey! We made a top ten list! Yee-haw! Writer Piper Weiss elaborates:

Old-school feminists might argue that all college classes are essentially studies of the penis, but this is the only one that has the balls to says so. Students explore cultural notions of the "Jewish phallus," the "Latino phallus," and the "lesbian phallus." (Yup, they've got one too). Sure, participants will have to muscle through the complex sexual theories of Freud and Lacan, but they'll come away with new words like "phallogocentrism" to impress Mom and Dad with on break.

It comes complete with a neat photo of a humongous penis statue in a quad somewhere (definitely not Occidental). Read the whole enchilada here.

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