Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's More Tiring - Riding a Bike for 41 Consecutive Days, or Blogging About It?

The answer of course is "yes".

I'm sure many of you are curious to know whether I biked this morning.

Despite exhaustion at staying up to watch all of the men's and gymnastics team events on NBC, I did manage to get my sleeo-deprived okole up and rode the bike to work, another 11.7 miles to work. The streak continues!

As for BillyBlog, give us a little space while we recover and let me plug Tattoosday, which is going strong (over 28 thousand hits since June 1). The summer has certainly improved the selection of ink from which to choose, and I have been busy writing about cool ink over
there. Go check it out here.

Thank you.

UPDATE: What can I say? I rode home too. 12.16 miles for a total of 23.86 miles on the day.

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Ben said...

Reading about it.