Friday, August 08, 2008

Eight Eight Oh Eight: Good Fortune for Some, Bad Fortune for Others

My ride was cut a little short this morning due to a bonehead move on the bike path. I had just taken my boring 4.1 mile picture and had regained my cruising speed of approximately 12-14 MPH. I reached down with my right hand and grabbed my water bottle from its holster. I was about to take a drink when I saw, on the left side of the bike lane, something that distracted me. I hit the brakes. The problem is (as many of you may have already guessed), braking with two hands, good. Braking with one hand, bad.


Despite a knee contusion, the brunt of the damage was minor, a huge scrape now graces my right arm below the elbow.

I have lots of fun pictures, of course. But those will have to wait. I will leave you with one thought. See the big blotch on the signpost photo at the top of the page? My blood.

5.25 miles today.

Oh, and the thing that distracted me that caused a spectacular wipeout that no one got to see? Here it is:

So there you have it friends. Today, the price of stupidity is 6 bucks. Go Team USA!


Leon said...

But,for the moment at least, you seem to have possessed your brother Seth's penchant for finding money along the way (as he did from the upper level of a double-decker bus on your wedding day). ;~D

Ben said...

What you won't endure to pick up a little found money.

Eric Valentine said...

Seems the 8's for you were good & not so.. Hope you heal well. :)

Jill said...

$6.00 will buy you some bandaids, at least, and maybe even a little neosporin!

Keep riding!!

Bill Cohen said...

Thanks for your good wishes, all. In my defense. I saw bills. I didn't see denominations. As wonderful as two twenties would have been, two singles would have been much worse. Actually, serious injury would have been worse. I was fortunate to have only received some annoying skinning of the flesh.