Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please Join Me in Feeling Old

Forget my age. Remember my daughter Jolee?

She is twelve years old today.

You can join me in wishing her a happy birthday over at her blog, I think
this week it's called The Wonderful Life of Jo-Jo the Cooliest, at

Happy Birthday Jolee!

UPDATE: So, I was bemoaning my daughter's advanced age to my friend Brian, who gave me his Canadian perspective. "Look on the bright side," he wrote, "Turning 12, she will shortly see you as being approximately 100 years old. But then after a few years, you will appear to be more reasonable, etc., so that in effect you will soon shift from being perceived as 100 yrs old to merely being your actual age."

Brian brilliantly brought it all home: "In other words, perceptions of you in years to come will be that you are getting significantly younger."

This makes me happy, although I am reminded that I am perceived as 100 years old!


Leon said...

You get no sympathy from me. . .you 41 year old son! :~D

Lyliet said...

My son has also turned twelve this spring but he still sometimes turns to me and says something like '' How beautiful you are mama''. After such a comment is age even relevant?
And by the way I am also 40 going on 41