Friday, August 22, 2008

Produce Stories

Hi all.

Check out this blog called "Produce Stories" (or click the title).

I met the author in the course of doing a post for Tattoosday. She has fascinating tattoos. Check them out here.

Produce Stories is subtitled "If fresh vegetables and fruits weren't so healthy, my escalating obsession with them might not be. This is a record of all the produce I buy from various greenmarkets, what I make with it (and how), and what everything tastes like."

Now that may not sound like it's everyone's cup of tea, but I find it very interesting and know there are some of you out there among the loyal BillyBlog followers that might also enjoy the tales. Plus, you might pick up a good recipe or two.

Anna, who writes "Produce Stories," is formerly from Central California (SLO) and a graduate of Reed College in Oregon. I think I related well to her similar liberal arts education and her classics-inspired tattoos.

Go check her out and maybe you'll find yet another hidden gem in the blogosphere!

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